It's not just a phone

It's a lifestyle manager

With a tap, customers can touch base with you whenever they want and from wherever they are.



What is Near Field


Small electronic tags act

as miniature radio transmitters

to interact with your phone.


What can it do?

Initiate a phone call

Send an email or an SMS

Give details of your location

Go to a web page

Connect to a web cam

Make a fridge magnet interactive

Manage theater, movie props and sets

Protect instruments and tour gear

Start an app

And much, much more

How can we help?

Find out here here, in Plain English, how it works, what it does best and how you can leverage it's benefits.

Additionally we can help you to find out how using NFC can support your brand.

And, because, in the end we are dealing with human beings we can offer behavioral insights into how best to engage with your customers.

We have also created a number of 'off the shelf' brands using NFC which you can licence from us. See some of them below.

Our NFC powered brands

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