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November 2018


Ultra violet skin sensor launched by La Roche Posay powered by NFC

The company, who specialise in skin care products, have developed the product in conjunction with L'Orèal.

This is significant in that it is a link between the multi billion dollar global cosmetics industry and NFC, read more here.

November 2018


NFC human implants

Lots of recent 'shock horror' stories in the media about people injecting themselves with NFC microchips. This is the Daily Mail version.

This is the same chip format as used for pets but operating at a different radio frequency. Millions of them have been injected into animals worldwide with little or no side effects so its actually pretty safe. Is it going to become mass market? Not a chance. But it makes a good story, expect more of the same.

In reality this goes back to behavioral science (See Behavioral Trends). Being tagged is a kind of right of passage for some of us geeks just as much as a Hell's Angel getting his colors or a former pupil wearing the old school tie. It's a tribal mark.

I just had to give you a link to a story which heads up the dangers of getting tagged when drunk.

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