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A very short range radio technology developed by NXP and Sony in 2002.


To make it nearly impossible to eavesdrop on transmissions and reduce interaction to a short touch or tap.


On, under and in materials such as paper, carbon fibre, plastic, wood, ceramics. Only on metal using a special chip.


Speed is at a premium like travelling on public transport, paying small sums at a till or when brands want to increase interaction with their customers.


People with smartphones or cards. Already over 2.2billion of them worldwide.


The electronic chip picks up power from the phone, until it gets discharged powering up its tiny transmitter and sending the data stored on the chip securely to the phone.

A Few Ideas

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Special Events


John and Jean plan a romantic wedding in Gretna Green in Scotland.

They have got friends and relatives all over the world and it's too far to travel for many.

So they send wedding invites that have a chip inside which, when tapped, sends the phone to a web cam in the chapel.

Magnetic Attraction


They love Rome and miss not being home. But their fridge magnet of the Coliseum has got a chip that links to a real time view of the Eternal City.

One tap and they are transported.

Theatrical Effects


Props on sets regularly get lost or stolen. They can also be worth a fortune if the movie is a blockbuster.

If the props are fitted with NFC chips they can be checked in and out of the prop store as well as providing provenance when they eventually get sold to collectors.

The same approach can be used with replicas. Tapping them could connect to an online game or a special offer etc. etc.

Safely and Sneakily Secure


A mix of technology and psychology. The brand is deliberately brash. In the language of vision the bright red capital MINE proclaims ownership, better left unchallenged.

It tells a prospective thief that there is concealed security and in the finding of it the item could be destroyed making it worthless.

The other 'Catch22' is that to find the chips they have to use their phones NFC ability. But when it detects a chip it automatically 'calls home' sending an alert to the owner.

In the kitchen at Parties


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