Behavioral Economics

Our Trilogy of Services

People, Process, Technology


People - Behavioural Insights

Consultancy services on how to leverage your brand based on an understanding of how and why human beings take decisions.

What makes your brand unique, stand out from the crowd?

How can it inspire loyalty, respect and flourish?



1. Customised NFC tags which have been programmed to carry our an action such as connecting to a web site managed by you. From £ 0.99 per chip.

2. Customised tags as above and advice and support on doing it yourself. Involving skills tranfer. Using our hosting services with potential database access.

3. All the above plus medium - long term hosting and database management



If you are going to doing this as part of an organisational change programme we can help you map your existing process, establishing the 'as is' state.

We can also help you re-engineer your processes to get to the 'to be' outcome.

As part of the programme we can offer you specialist consultancy, carrying out a 'pre-mortem' to establish a risk management strategy.


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