World Premiere


On the 3rd of July at 6pm the world premiere of the locally produced video potential blockbuster 'Lamberhurst in Lockdown' will take place in the Memorial Hall.

The video includes performances by local actors acting, singers singing and 'musicians' doing versions of the classic 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers. Ending with St Mary's School, joining with elements of St Mary's Church choir and Red, Green and Blue, AKA Brian and Megan, doing it right.

Lamberhurst in Lockdown is delivered with tongue firmly in cheek as it introduces us to the global dance phenomenon that is the Lamberhurst Lambada, The Two Doctors, local supergroup, Mind, Body and Soul and a 157 miles per hour investment vehicle.

Watch the video here.

Village Fate

Starting at 2pm there will be also be a host of events taking place in the field behind the Chequers, known locally as the field behind The Chequers, or the Chequers field for short.

It is a once in a lifetime event (with a 99% certainty) where, as a community, we will mark the passing of the worst of COVID and remember those who were affected by it.

The Fate will include, a Tug of War - a traditional test of skill and science, Welly Wanging, a 'sport' testing the aerodynamic properties of rubber footwear and other stuff to amuse including some other events of village fete type.

Bring along a picnic if you so desire, with optional dog.


However barbecues are banned from the field. I know it's tough on us natural arsonists but personally I confine my pyromania to torching my overgrown garden once per year.

And you know you're invited one and all. Don't miss it or, in the words of Shakespeare:

'gentlemen (and gentlewomen) in England now a-bed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here'.

Your Village Needs You


Because organising all this stuff takes time and effort, from writing this drivel to running the event itself. We can't do it all ourselves.

We need people to help steward the event and help people who may be overcome by the spectacle of a) Sunshine and b) Loads of smiling people.

We have a load of societies who enrich the life of the village. We would like as many as possible of them to be represented at the event. If you want to let people in the community know of your existence and we have not already got to you, use the contact details below to claim your stall.

There are a number of practical risks to the event taking place. The weather being one of course, COVID restrictions being another.

The other risk we have documented is that the video might become exceedingly popular resulting in recording contracts, a TV series, Hollywood approaches etc.

Unlikely, but some guy just got a major recording contract for singing a non Sea Shanty on social media so you never know.

So we plan for the big get together to take place on the 3rd of July, unless, of course, we get a better offer.

PS. As a life long folkie I and thousands of others of that ilk have been chanting sea shanties for years without being picked up by a recording studio. I am not bitter but...........

What is the biggest help you can give us?

Take Home Your Garbage

Take Home Your Garbage

Take Home Your Garbage

For an interesting and amusing story about collecting garbage you might enjoy the following:



Phone: Only landline as reception is so bad in the village you are better using carrier pigeons. Actually it is worse than that. It would be better, cheaper and less frustrating to build a pigeon loft, buy some eggs and breed the damn pigeons yourself.

Sorry, The number is 01892 890609